To ardent Christians

Deeply religious people are the most difficulty ones to give the gift of LAY GNOSIS to.

Their religions teach them to avoid new knowledge for fear of 'straying from the path'

Some zealots are thus deeply fearful of anything new and are thus paralysed. They can't grow any further.

This video  shows serious christians that it's possible to know God directly, with physical evidence  in just 20 mins via Lay Gnsosis,  BEFORE  JESUS ARRIVES which could be decades away. Who knows?

This  would surely not violate the word of God.

Please correct me if I am wrong, Godlings.

Any theologians around to answer this question? (they are likely asleep anyway)

In fact, Source has inspired me to post this video.

It's a shortcut for Christians to God, while they wait for the Messiah.

Jesus is notoriously late for his own engagements, anyway. Prima Donna.

God can't wait either.

Let's do it now He says, to me.

The heaven on earth project has already started with physically contagious Lay Gnosis.