Carlin, funny sometimes but  bitter aggressive atheist

Comedian Carlin is actually a classic militant atheist along the lines of Dawkins and Christopher Hitchins and James Randi.  Predominant themes of his always angry monologues are that everything is disconnected, everything is random, nothing cares.Nothing connects. Random mindless Evolution Rules. Everyone else who disagrees  with that autistic outlook is deluded.Takes refuge in and avidly  subcribes to very large seemingly 'scientific numbers , astronomical numbers like all the  'rational skeptics', painfully accentuating his own aggrieved sense of separation, never realising that it's an illusion. From the very large numbers he gets the feeling of his total insignificance. 
It's a  fossilised robotic thought  habit from childhood to perceive one self as a nothing when told a big number.Then stop thinking. A childish gasp that remains a  lifetime crippling thought habit for the  adult  'rational skeptic'  Implication everyone else is irrational. WRONG. Everyone else is grown up and are more sophisticated thinkers.They don't let large numbers disable their thought processes.   
He also wishes for, in this video, extinguishment, his and ours. A common skeptic suicidal theme song.  He died believing all this, and will likely continue his practices of denialism and contrarianism in the afterlife. And be equally unhappy there. He'll tell them they are all deluded too. As per Prometheus Rising
But he is still  quite funny poking fun at us here for our  collective arrogance (our delusion, of course)
And Victor Zammit below here  explains what happens to Carlin

From Victor Zammit
This week's new video :
GHOSTS - RANDI AND OTHER CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS WHEN THEY DIE Highly reliable information transmitted from the afterlife tells us a great deal about those who cross over with a state of mind that there is no afterlife. Closed minded skeptics like James Randi, Paul Kurtz, Shermer, Dawkins and Wiseman ... could find themselves trapped in a misty grey world of their own making. Anyone finding themselves in a similar position should shift their focus to someone they loved who died and ask for help.