Cancer visibly shrunk in 3 mins 

Spectacular Greg Braden video of cancer visibly shrinking out of sight  in 3 mins. Truly remarkable . It calls into question our  western total investment in physical  materialist medicine. Because the cancer is not broken down and digested by the immune system in 3 mins. That's impossible. So some other completely different mechanism is at work. Clearly Non physical. It's a wake up call. This effect may explain my own wife's large lung growth found on XRAY very visibly, which was gone a week later. Mystified the doctor.
A future downside might be the Chinese Communist government crackdown on this medicine free hospital. It could be crushed like Falun Gong - dclared subversive.
reason being atheist communists totally and exclusively invest in materialism.
Here's hoping the Communist party is the last group to hear about this.

Second part of the gripping  Braden video is about the 19th century Michelson Morely experiment was an attempt to provide a very long optical path with numerous rotating mirrors to see if distance affected the speed of the light. That is, does the aether thought to conduct light once , slow it down? The experiment then done with old technology mechanically failed to show a difference in light speed over short or long distances.

This was  mistakenly said to prove beyond doubt the aether does not exist ! A resounding  wrong conclusion that paved the way for Einstein's relativity theory which insisted that "the old aether" does not exist to gain acceptance. This political  rebound, apparent "progress"  convinced everyone to acclaim Einstein's relativity despite Einstein's own attempt to reintroduce the aether as a necessary component of Relativity in the 1920's. But by then it was too late. The savior was born! The Wise Men of Science proclaimed the new world of Relativity for all to worship. Minus the aether.

Greg Braden points out that the US Airforce duplicated the Michelson Experiment with modern technology and proved the aether does exist  ! 

This would also confirm the dissertation from Gnostic astrophysicist Dr Paul La Violette. who said the Red shift is hogwash. That light  only changes colour over long distances as it looses energy, becomes tired.

And do recall the non existent  Redshift is the basis of the Big Bang theory already quietely abandoned by science but still taught in schools and mass media. So maybe the Universe isn't flying apart after all !
Science needs billions more dollars for Large Hadron Colliders which simulate the Big Bang which is a fairy tale based on Genesis. 

So here -see cancer vanish in 3 mins.  then Michelson Morely 's aether resurrected