Camelot is a whistler blowers union sort of thing. Sorely needed. They are very much about awakening the population.  They have acess to media they assure us, for big secrets. TBH is a virtual secret Hmmm. It could use some big media. Some people are gnostically summoned into their site. Main problem is getting their attention.They are very busy people. They are bombarded by emails. Buried in them. So contacting them is difficult. Other lay gnostics can emulate, parapahrase this first email. The more the merrier.
YOUR viewpoint counts, Godling !

Email Offer of help to the Camelot site.

Camelot   your main theme is awakening people.   And that’s no easy task.

Can I lend you some assistance in the form of an automated website that can trigger a state of gnosis in 20 minutes in anyone calmly curious, and can in fact produce 100,000 gnostics daily?

Can you see the potential for this resource to change society en masse ?

In 20 minutes the site provides   physical evidence   of change in the body of the visitor.

Messaging vivid   night dreams of a whole   new genre begin in about 7 days.

Independent physical signals occur within 2 weeks. Medically measurable.

Messaging music , snatches of song, occur on waking, typically within   2 weeks.

So much evidence accrues in a couple of weeks, most   people,   need to keep diaries.

The evidence amounts to the drip feed of a second intelligence into the person’s daily internal awareness, slowly revealing itself in a non disruptive way.

1, 2 and 3 year veterans of this layman’s gnosis are available immediately on email.

Ask any question.

The automated   gnostic trigger process is already proven in 6 countries.

The website is intended as a mass production gnosis site for awakening society by showing each person what they really are, with absolutely no disruption   to their daily lives. No meditation, no rituals, no beliefs are required, for this entirely natural process.   Thus anyone doing self improvement practices   such as meditation are asked to continue their daily practices. Religious people are asked to continue their devotions. Atheists also.   It’s tried and tested on   doctors.

Lay Gnosis graduates report considerable daily mood elevation, and a greater level of general   happiness that they could never imagine. Just ask them.

This website resource, triggering gnosis in just 20 minutes can be of great help to Camelot in the cause of awakening people in large numbers.


All questions answered, highest regards,   Steve in Sydn

Camelot site
Dozens of distinguished people here at project Camelot. Worth a look. Davide Icke for instance.