Conversations with God 

Conversations with God is a book written by a  semi gnostic. It is obvious from reading  any half page  that this man's second intelligence is guiding his hand that writes. The  gentle wisdom that he imparts is useful to many thousands of people. So successful is he, that he runs a blog Chatline where he answers questions, from people requiring guidance.
He has a daily readership of some 40,000 people.
His answers are supplied to people wanting to contact and know God in the old fashioned way, via long term meditation, introspection, and study.
Neale Walsch invites questions which he personally answers.

It would  be to great  advantage if CWG had Lay Gnosis brought to his attention. The twenty minute shortcut to that second intelligence, would validate much that he teaches.
As well as being a most welcome augmentation to his work , and lives of his readers.

So Godling, here is a little task for you. Take a look at Conversations with God,  join the chatline and start asking for a serious review of this website. Imagine the joy  you  can bring to, CWG and 40,000 readers. And potentially millions of others.

Below are some  general themes suggested.

Link to CWG

The Lay Gnosis website,  is worthy of serious  review because of your personal experience there, reader,  identical to others from 5 nations, and you would like Neil Walsch  (CWG) to do his best take on this surprising  twenty minute Gnosis induction. and what happens next.

And emphasise that  the site  strongly validates the standards and teachings of CWG by actual personal experience in the site visitor.
Anythng Neale can write about this site will asssist LG in blossoming into the mainstream it exists for.
LG most appeals to intelligent, curious people. And CWG has  a large readership of just that

Sample letter.
As one of your 40,000 regular readers Mr Walsch, I often appreciate your carefully considered and obviously inspired answers, to questions.

My question to you., Mr Walsch is that with your goal of spreading, far and wide, enlightenment throughout society, it would be profitable for your self, to evaluate a recent change in Natural Law which greatly leverages your work. Namely, physically contagious Gnosis that comes from a website in 10-15 minutes.
Yes, physically contagious..

Along with physical evidence of that second intelligence in every human
The same one that guides your hand.

The website can induce hundreds of people to a state of gnosis daily.
It already has induced this new Natural Law LAY GNOSIS in some of your readers.
They are contactable.

The physical evidence provided by the site to you, Mr Walsch will greatly augment your personal effort, to the benefit of countless others. No doubt boosting your readership and your refined influence.

It takes only a few minutes to evaluate, yet provides immediate hard physical evidence of a change in the site visitor.

Two ways to come at this. There is a website

And the essential videos are available on Youtube LAY GNOSIS 1 BEGIN HERE

I emphasis this New Natural law is proven already in 4 countries with a growing list of contactable people, that read your column regularly. Some are two year veterans of this new lAY GNOSIS.

So the question is ?What is your inspired take on this New Natural Law? ?

Steve in Sydney.