email  to Quaker  Radio astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Invitation to make a novel scientific breakthrough.

I have just finished watching your prominent featuring   in the BBC docco  ' Testing God' on Youtube.

A   theme there is that   objective science is at loggerheads with   subjective experience especially religion.

At   the TV show   ending,   episode 3,   the finish opines that the combination of the two as mutually reinforcing is the best route.

Here is how it can be done.   And this is the invitation for you, Jocelyn, to make a novel scientific breakthrough.

And this is the procedure already established. It’s a message dropped   around the NET.

For   repeating   physical evidence of God…. To the calmly curious- For physical evidence of a second intelligence within yourself--Vivid Messaging Dreams onset in 7 days, plus repeatable handtingles- search YouTube on LAY GNOSIS 1 BEGIN HERE   and go to site         -Regardless of beliefs- -Even atheist testimonials, including doctors from 4 countries. 10-20 minutes  gets you started.

And it’s all FREE.

  A growing list of triggered 12 month Gnostic veterans are email contactable. And it’s FREE

It is wise to go straight   to the website    and the Beginners Tour as that contains much supportive text.

The signalling tingles are medically measurable in the skin. As in action potentials measured   like an ECG thru the skin.

You can write to a number of living Lay Gnostics some 2 or three years ahead of you. Ask any question.

The Beginners Tour contains   a simple formal lesson and an exercise that brings immediate results, followed by vivid messaging dreams in 7 days. And then so much more evidence over months, a diary must be kept.   This has repeated in distant countries such as Canada, Ethiopia, India, the US the UK Germany , France.

Gnosis is not something that should be read about or theorized about. One should just do it.

At the site it takes only 15-20 minutes to trigger the Natural process.

Emphasise this is a Natural process, not religious. It works on animals. And you can learn to flicker the eyelids of a sleeping person without touching them.

Why don’t you visit this proven website, do the Beginners Tour, left index, and see the comments and entries left by others ? Cost you nothing. 20 minutes.

When you ask me a few questions at the site email link, and I hope you do, you had best use a fake email address. I know you are a celeb, so I don’t treat you any differently to the many others. That also ensures your privacy.

At the site email link, all questions answered.

You are probably unsure what Gnosis is. But numerous people in holy books were Gnostic receiving messaging dreams and visions and hearing   internal voices.   That level of consciousness is now available to all, triggered at the website     

  Yes , now available to millions, including scientists all.

Modern  day Lay Gnosis includes   medically measurable independent physical signals. To shake hands with science.

Lay Gnosis also causes great upwellings of measurable internal biochemical bliss—mood elevation.

The website can produce   10,000 gnostics daily. It’s fully automated. Can you see the potential?

Jocelyn, you might see the value of   putting a   number of people into the site and collecting their email opinions and experiences   watching their progress over months. Progress reports all follow the same themes, no matter where their origin. Tons of empirical data can be amassed this way.

To give you a handle on me, I am a retired radio electronics technician.   Microwave Communications.

  So I dig your stuff.

My grandfather was a Quaker in Yorkshire.

And I’m a Gnosis teacher.

All questions answered. Seize the day.

Highest Regards Steve in Sydney. 


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