If you have followed a Buddhist path to get to this website you have done yourself a monumental favour. Your daily Buddhist devotions and teachings will enable you to very quickly understand and take on board LAY GNOSIS.

It's a free upgrade. Due to New Natural Law.
That's why you can't find any book on this new subject. Nothing on the NET except here.
There is nothing inside Buddhism to explain LAY GNOSIS. So you must learn like  a child- taking evidence on board as it comes. Serious evidence usually lands in a week or so in the form of  vivid dreams. (Not lucid dreams)
And the upgrade lasts for life.

Your understanding of what is possible inside the human body will be extended to include  this NEW NATURAL LAW  of physical evidence that a fully functioning copy of the creator resides in you and begins to communicate with you via independent hand tingles and prickles later on. As well  as messaging  vivid dreams and intrusive thoughts into your minds eye.

This will come as quite  a revelation to Buddhists as their teachings deny the existence of a God and tell each practitioner they are insignifcant...........

LAY GNOSIS  will  not contradict  by theoretical discussion , that  Buddhist teaching,  but will ADD the   repeating physical evidence  of  NEW NATURAL LAW in a few weeks.
See this as NEW NATURAL  LAW to be taken on board as a FREE upgrade to your personal  daily Buddhist experie
nce for the rest of your life.

LAY GNOSIS will teach you, dear buddhist pilgrim, that you are adored in a very
human way internally by this second intelligence, and are supremely valued for your uniqueness.

Can you learn to live with that  magnificent contradiction of your Buddhist teachings?

Why no mention of astral projection and OOBE s  around here?
Answer. To keep it Sweet and simple  (KISS) to scare  away the least number of people.
Physical evidence of a living God within  oneself is way more important than AP. 

There is a  flying Buddhist practitioner who has journeyed long term into LAY GNOSIS.

Name of Jill.
Her email link is here .Ask anything.