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This is one of the most exquisite replies from a Pskep. Its priceless. As usual he poses as a qualified medical practitioner and is a dreadful sneering narcissist --Oh, but look at his delectable  reply --He has watched so much Bugs Bunny

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Re: See if you can do this

Listen, As a medical practitioner for over thirty years, with a background in science, I know what you're up to. It's as dishonest as the day is long. You are using a well known physical phenomenon with a purely natural explanation to try and prove a supernatural point. It won't work. You may fool a handful of ignorant people, but these days, mankind are more educated and not easily swindled like this. The whole idea of "Lay Gnosis" is French for appealing to emotion to prove a mystical point that doesn't exist. Religion has been doing that for centuries. Shame on you for hoodwinking the few ignorant people you do. Thankfully, charlatans like you are going the way of the dinosaur. In a few decades your kind will fade away as human beings come to accept their nature and fate, as well they should. The sooner the better. If you want respect, behave respectfully. Don't insult people's intelligence.

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