Letter to Chris Robinson UK psychic

From Steve in Sydney.

Just discovered your site and found a kindred soul.

I know your pain dealing with Wisemanite skeptics. Downunder we call them Psuedoskeptics. I have made some videos denouncing pseudoskeptics.The term essentially means everything they do is fake.

Can I interest you in something to blow skeptics out of the water once and for all ?

I notice in your self description you have precognitive dreams which reveal details generally unknown around an object, which provides additional info to police in unsolved crimes.

You also allude to perhaps other intelligences being involved in the process.

Can  I assist you in furthering your knowledge of that other  intelligence?

It only takes 20 minutes at a website. It's already proven to work in 6-8 countries.

Here is the message I generally drop around the NET.

To the calmly curious- For physical evidence of a second intelligence within yourself- Vivid Dreams onset in 7 days, plus repeatable handtingles-- search YouTube on LAY GNOSIS 1 BEGIN HERE site www.truebluehealer.com    -Regardless of beliefs- Even atheist testimonials, including doctors from 6 countries. 10-20 mins gets you started.  A growing list of triggered 12 month gnostic veterans contactable. And its FREE

Mr Robinson  it's best you go directly to the website as it contains much supportive text. You can see comments
impressions and results left by others ahead of you.

Every  site visitor once triggered by the site, goes thru gentle daily changes in their lives which though unique to each person form some very prominent themes, such as recurrent physical evidence. Ideal for  legitimate researchers to construct databases over the NET via email reports. The website is fully automated  and can by itself produce 100,000 gnostics daily.

This how the Wisemanites can be blown out the water- sheer volume of evidence which they can't interfere with.

I must say I am excited to find your website and your suffering at the hands of Wisemanites is not it vain.

Just 20 minutes of your time.

All questions answered. Email link on the site  www.truebluehealer.com  the LAY GNOSIS site.

Highest Regards Steve in Sydney.

Direct link to site

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This man a psychic from long experience has some acid comments toward pseudoskeptics and has picked out the fact they suffer a disease not unlike alcoholism. Website says much about the media system which works to blind  the  common people.