Big Pharma true attitudes to healing revealed-artemisinin- a potential  natural cure for malaria met with  cold disdain

Artemisinin is a Chinese herbal medicine first identifed as curing malaria 1600 years ago. Likely found by some kind of dowsing -divination.- an unholy occult practice. Despite that, a field trial on a malaria riddled island near Africa has achieved exciting results practically eradicating the disease in a year or so.

No surprise WHO, the World Health organisation owned and operated by Big Pharma, is apalled at the possibility of a natural medicine which can't be patented and likely also grown in Africa, producing  virtually free medicine in every village.
In the show, the "Foundation for Eliminating Malaria" was lambasted by influential medical journals for actually allowing malaria to seriously increase by supplying profit making drugs that don't work but make vast profits....for Big Pharma.
Bear in mind the greatest profit making drugs are ones that only treat the symptoms, forever. Thus a two week course of tablets delivers only a tiny profit if it cures the disease. Far greater profits come from less effective medicines, that can be taken for the sufferer's lifetime.

In the documentary, the Madgascar WHO Official expresses fear that the artemisinin may be too good a medicine, actually defending the other  Big Pharma Medicines that don't work !

The head of the Foundation for Eliminating Malaria expresses  only polite interest in the anecdote but his organisation cold shoulders the Chinese medical team with its exciting results, which are likely to collapse the Foundation by eliminating Malaria without producing Massive Windfall profits for Big Phrama, always the primary goal of that foundation.

So the Malaria Foundation, which is  another 40 years employment for many, prestigious  career positions for industry notables, and massive profit source for Big Pharma, can only delay as long as it can. Every day of delay that  the current non working drugs are administered by the WHO, is another day of profit to be treasured by the Foundation's owners and crew.

This is just a glimpse into the workings of our society.
How many other medicines have been ignored? 

Do you still think the UN is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to producing a better world?

In the 1960s a research program was set up by the Chinese army to find an adequate treatment for malaria. In 1972, in the course of this research, Tu Youyou (Chinese: ???)[2] discovered artemisinin in the leaves of Artemisia annua (annual wormwood). The drug is named Qinghaosu (Chinese: ???) in Chinese. It was one of many candidates then tested by Chinese scientists from a list of nearly 200 traditional Chinese medicines for treating malaria. It was the only one that was effective, but it was found that it cleared malaria parasites from their bodies faster than any other drug in history.

The basic Artemisinin  substance doesnt work well by itself in raw form. It needs help from modern medicine. From Wiki we get 

Because artemisinin itself has physical properties such as poor bioavailability that limit its effectiveness, semi-synthetic derivatives of artemisinin, including artemether and artesunate, have been developed. However, their activity is not long lasting, with significant decreases in effectiveness after one to two hours. To counter this drawback, artemisinin is typically given with lumefantrine (also known as benflumetol) to treat uncomplicated falciparum malaria. Lumefantrine has a half-life of about 3 to 6 days and prevents the disease from returning. The treatments are called "ACT" (artemisinin-based combination therapy); other examples are artemether-lumefantrine, artesunate-mefloquine, artesunate-amodiaquine, and artesunate-sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine. Recent trials have shown that these therapies are more than 90% effective, with a recovery from symptoms after three days, especially for the chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum.

The use of plain  natural artemisinin has been discouraged by WHO as the drug can make people feel so much better so quickly they cease taking the tablets and the malaria, not completely killed off, develops a genetic resistance. Already happened in Thailand. 1970's

The demand for the plant medicine has grown beyond supply. The critical ingredient is in process of being produced by  gene medified yeast, purer and cheaper than the plant itself.

And let's not read too much piety into the Chinese government support for this malaria project, as China wants Africa's minerals and befriending the locals is the first part of the plan. If malaria greatly diminishes in Africa, then the populations will be not only invigorated and more assertive, they may increase in number  and be conducive to Chinese mineral requirements.

African minerals  are currently owned and controlled by western mining companies.There is a  longterm covert policy to depopulate Africa.The people are such a nuisance to big business.

 With the Chinese friendship African Governments can be changed, by sympathetic malaria free supporters. Mining rights relicenced to other parties.
its called The Great Game. Geopolitical Chess.

Wait there's more ! Artemisinin shows great promise as a cancer cure with small trials and studies in Europe but apparently not in the USA.
Maybe this is another reason the US dominated WHO is stonewalling on Artemisinin. Its worth a look for anyone interested in herbal medicine.
Link provided here to a book review. But do Go Googling !

Artemisinin curing cancer