Homeopathy presented as subject of comedic ridicule by James Randi- then some potent questions like -Why ridicule this  obscure harmless subject?-Answers from John Benneth, Homeopath
Do notice James Randis  excellent  comedic ridiculing performance, with his well delivered  "story",  involving rhetorical questions and providing his own  humorous answers, long pauses for the  soaring laughter to peak and die down, mixed with the onstage swagger, emotionally winding people up to maximise their receptivity  to suggestion, then, an innocuous  low level request slipped in at the end, about his home address.And what to do, if your button has been pushed, dearest gullible ones in the  audience. How many comedians do that? John Benneth, Homeopath, below, analyses Randis onstage performance, providing some telling answers 
An Educational Foundation is a way of receiving donations, and spending them any way you like, and not paying tax. Sounds suspiciously.like many  cult "religions" BIG QUESTION How many skeptics who are the most gullible going, send donations to James Randi in Florida? Do they tithe ?