Atlantis-  constellations of evidence drawn in

Fascinating documentary exploring  some tantalising  mysteries.
Such as who made the ancient  sea maps so accurately, (they needed a time measurement), so accurately, they mapped the coastline and geographic layout of Antartica ICE FREE.

This documentary suggests how it was done. There was a way.
 The Atlantean Cross may have been a navigation tool.
British Imperial measurements (feet and inches chains furlongs) are based on ancient nautical/atronomical navigation used to contruct the pyramids.  Great Pyramid models the earth. All derived from knowledge of precession.

Surprising language commonalities between Basque, Aztec Mayas  and   other Mexican languages.

"Atlanteans" Carthage and the Bible  and the "sea people" who attacked Egypt, are all connected. Oh and Tutankhamun  has western European DNA.  Shhh.... it's a secret.
Ancient propaganda that atlantic ocean was impassable may have been crafty Atlantean traders telling  business rivals to stay home, its too dnagerous, while they sailed the world with their clever secret precessional navigation tricks. During and before  the Ice Age.

 The Ice age melt,  great flood, 10,000BC covered numerous coastal civilisations.Including  the Mediterranean Atlantis Empire. Preserved to this day underwater in the mediterranean sea  are Cyclopean Walls closely resembling Aztec Olmec and Mayan walls.
 These Amerindians knew their overseas origins. Their legends included pale faced gods with ginger beards.  And their languages have many Basque like sounds. 

Alternative history makes so much more sense.So much more juicy.