The One World NAZI party challenged

Bit of text, still pictures and a hi res video depict a street vendor in the US being arrested for illegally selling goods on the footpath from within  his overcoat. A piddling offence you  might say, dear reader. He is handcuffed for a time until a police car is called in to park illegally across the road to take him into custody. A noteworthy feature is the sheer number of street police who attend the  non resistor's arrest. Count them. What's goin' on?

Well, you have heard of the criminal underworld it's all over the TV.   Cop shows.
But never mentioned is the criminal overworld that rules us. Governments.

A block of  US states has passed a Nazi  law that it's illegal to film a policeman no matter what he is doing.  Think Rodney King. So the street vendor in the overcoat faces 10 yrs in jail for having his own misdemeanour arrest filmed.
Wait it gets worse.

The new law has special additional harsh punishment for Judges being videoed, recording say, bribes from organised crime.
15yrs you get for recording that.  
But YOU will be photographed everywhere you go in banks and shops etc. You can be photographed by the police. It's distressingly obvious they want to hide illegal behaviours. The artist got himself arested to test the new law. It's more than worthy of challenge.

And while we are here I'll tell  you a bit of my dealings with police having survived two armed robberies and met quite a few policemen in Sydney. Traffic court etc.

When a policeman speaks to you its illegal to give him false or misleading advice. Seems OK.
But he is allowed to lie to you even on tape and tell you any story he makes up.  That's legal.
He can  just make up - we  know you associate with Fred,  a known crim and we can place you at the scene of two other crimes and if you confess now you'll get a light sentence. But if you don't  you'll get life.  Some personalities are overly obedient to bullying authority figures.
So some people just sign a confession to things that never happened simply because a policeman lied to them. That's legal.

The other  feature I noticed is the apalling illiteracy of police. It's obvious most have never completed high school. And sheer mental dullness. My second armed robbery, the policeman taking my statement was stunned that I could identify a colt 45 pistol  pointed in my face, without being a gun expert. Floundering he was. Aghast.  Baffled. I said you know  err.. Superman.Television. Colt 45 black pistol - faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive..... A  long blank look is all I got. It seems his bafflement disabled his intellect somewhat. He fnished typing into the police computer, taking my statement, I signed it and was given a copy. And went home. I forgot about it. 

He later secretly wrote into the police computer that it was deeply suspicious that I had failed to make any statement to the police, concerning this robbery, the statement  that he personally  just took from me, and typed and this was my second armed robbery and something didn't add up.......his suspicions were aroused.
This, bizarre entry, 3 yrs later came to the attention of a judge  with power over me, who took the policeman's word as gospel and at age 60 didn't know what a colt 45 was either. It exposed a learning disability in the Judge.
Judge was terribly confused. my crafty lawyer, expert at reading the judge stood up and loudly sympathised saying that this was so confusing all  this gun talk, and that we should  not go  too deep into gun technicalities as it didn't matter much, and let's talk about something else. But the judge had lost it by then.
Another 5 hrs of testimony followed from my wife. She went to great lengths not to confuse the poor judge. Anyway it ended happily the judge ruled in favour of my wife, that the robbery was genuine, the policeman  was an idiot, and I was compensated. This is no Monty Python sketch. It's real.

So that's how bad 
 the boys in blue can be. They are all you have. Think about that.

But they don't have enough power yet. They are still very afraid of us. The One World Nazi party.

So now  back to the street vendor facing 10yrs for videoing the boys in blue.

Street seller faces 10yrs