An altenative view point, PMH Atwater argues that "what happened in Arizona was orchestrated from "the other side" as a wake up call to America to stop the hateful polarizing madness that has overtaken US politics and "cause us all to rethink how we communicate and what we say, especially when angry."
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Note: This is a special edition and it concerns the Arizona shootings.

On January 8, around 10:00 am in Tucson, Arizona, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot through the brain by a 22-year-old man on a rampage of violence directed toward her and anyone close or within range. When he was done, six of the 20 people he shot died. Among the dead were a Federal judge, one of Giffords' assistants, and a 9-year-old girl. Giffords has survived surgery and so far is responding to commands when lucid.

We know from news reports thus far that the killer was deranged, a very troubled young man who was kicked out of college because of unusual and frightening behavior which seemed psychotic. He lived at home. Why his condition was untreated is not known. Although his rantings were "all over the map," he seemed to focus most on the political scene and had contacted Giffords before in what seemed to be simple inquiries. We will learn more in the next several days, but I want to point out some things now - things important to recognize.

As most of you know, I am able to follow trend lines, energy patterns, and the movement of "mass mind" (that larger aspect of consciousness we all share). This ability expanded after I died (refer to the e-book about my three near-death experiences), enabling me to observe what was happening on the soul level during the September 11 disaster in New York City. An e-book I wrote about my observations still exists on my website as a free download, and is called "The Challenge of September 11." This larger perspective does not negate the horror that occurred, still, I cannot help but feel that it adds to our understanding of how such things can occur and maybe why. Near-death experiencers often come back with this ability (I am not unique in this). Overall, most are at least able to see the "big picture" undergirding life's many mysteries. .

So, it is within the reality of shared consciousness and what can be known from larger perspectives, that I continue.

All of the people who were killed were of exceptional character, ready and willing to give of their lives to help another. The Federal judge had just celebrated Mass before stopping by at the shopping center where Giffords had set up a booth out in the open so people could easily find her, meet her, and speak of their concerns. The 9-year-old had a political interest and wanted to meet the Congresswoman. She was born on September 11, 2001 - her photo and story in a book about babies born that day who might someday change the world for the better. From all reports this child was well on her way to doing just that. She was exceptional. And she was one of the new kids. So was the shooter. I am working on a book about these children. What so many toss aside about them is that their incredible vigor and bright minds can manifest in the negative as well as the positive. Nothing on the earthplane exists without some form of polarity, not even miracles.

This event occurred after an unusually powerful solar eclipse (these are always "in-your-face" physical and affect occurrences in the physical world). The Congresswoman's office, mail, and phone lines had been under "siege" for months, to the point that she had to replace her office door because it had been destroyed by belligerent people objecting to her yes vote on Obama's Health-Care Bill. The extent of these attacks against her had reached such a fever-pitch that friends had urged her to seek protection by hiring a guard. She refused, feeling that people were basically good and all would be well once people better understood what was in the bill and what it could do. During candle light services, mourners began to openly object to conservative Republicans who were vociferous in their opposition to anyone who had voted for the Obama Health-Care bill. Of these, they objected most to Sarah Palin who had specifically targeted the three Representatives from Arizona with gun cross-hairs on her website, and then named them (one was Giffords). Political pundits on Fox News are famous for attacking anyone who voted on this bill or who supported Obama in any fashion, but it was Palin who was the loudest in using gun analogies against people she disagreed with. Since that candle-lit gathering hate-speech pundits have gone out of their way to support Palin and anyone else who chooses to spew such language, saying the killer was deranged, not a political wonk.

Before conclusions are reached about this horrible event, let's step back and take a broader view. Only days before the shooting, Representative Giffords had been one of those who participated in the reading of the entire Constitution on the House floor. What she read addressed the right of Americans to freedom of speech. The child that came in on a tragedy (9-11), left on another one. . . both events of significant purpose on the soul level. . . to change mass mind. She was unusual from the beginning as if directed from a higher source to achieve a higher purpose. This was no ordinary day and the people who gathered were extraordinary, coming together as they did as if "called." I would include the killer in this. The polarization of our country, the utter and total belligerence openly "shoved in our face" every day, 24/7, from both sides of anything political, is beyond tolerance. This continual barrage affects us all, even those who refuse to watch television news. Hate is in the air. We breathe it, we walk through "clouds" of it, we hear it in the wind or rustling around the next corner. We encounter it on at work, in the classroom, and at home. We cannot avoid the presence of this energy. And it hurts us. It pulls down our energy, rendering us a little weaker or a little more fearful and worried than we were before. There are other concerns of greater import than having to put up with politicians turned blithering idiots.

To all politicians and political pundits: inspire us, don't frighten us!

It is my sense and my observation that what happened in Arizona was orchestrated from "the other side." This was no accident and the people who were involved "knew" what was about to occur and why. Do not misunderstand me. I am not a fatalist, nor am I trying to affix blame. Rather, I am noticing what I have witnessed since a child. . . when I listened in and watched through a key hole in the police department interrogation room (I'm a cop's kid raised in a police station). . . and saw again and again as an adult, especially during the years I was the wife of a crop-duster pilot (refer to my book We Live Forever). . . and clarified beyond doubt during my three near-death experiences and across the span of 33 years spent researching the near-death phenomenon. What I have personally witnessed is: there is a spiritual reality to life, and a soul level existent on a higher plane that is more directly connected to Source than we, as a personality. We reach that level and merge into it through prayer, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, and the power of silence.

When viewed from that level, what happened in Arizona was for the masses. It was not a singular event. The ripples from it and what it symbolizes will cause us all to rethink how we communicate and what we say, especially when angry. What happened in Arizona was a moment when spirit had the upper hand, and we were sent a message: WAKE UP PEOPLE. YOU ARE DESTROYING EACH OTHER. OUR COUNTRY CANNOT SURVIVE THIS POLARIZING MADNESS. THE FREEDOM TO SPEAK OUR WORD IS BASED UPON OUR WILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THAT ACTION.

From all that is within me, from the source of my heartbeat and breath, I want to thank the souls who died or were wounded in Tucson, Arizona. Their sacrifice caught my attention. I hope it caught yours, too.

For a larger, more spiritual view of life, there are many good sources readily available. A rich source of such treasure is the book, God Makes the Rivers to Flow: An Anthology of the World's Sacred Poetry & Prose, by Eknath Easwaran (Nilgiri Press, Berkeley, CA, 2009). Easwaran was one of my first teachers in how to meditate. I used to listen to an LP record he once made that thoroughly captivated and intrigued me. His method of teaching was like a soft caress from a warm and hopeful heart. He has since passed away, leaving behind an abundance of books and articles that he penned, bridging Eastern and Western thought..

As we continue our journey through this, the Great Shifting, let us remember to share the love that is within us. Blessings, PMH


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