Angel reports here that Lay Gnosis even works thru medications

After so many months of being unsuccessful with the full body pat(hands are working fine) I reevaluated why this may be happening. My medications have changed again and I still can't feel a tingle below my wrists. Now this is curious because fibromyalgics have notoriously sensitive hands; heat and cold and pain make us miserable. Because of my medications I have felt a great deal of relief in my hands the past few months but am still unable to feel the reverse magnetic tingle of lay gnosis anywhere else.

I think fibromyalgia is the key. My body is too sick and clogged up with medication currently to feel anything of a psychic nature. Anti-depressants make this numbness worse. Can't go off of it, though, because it's the only sleep relief I get. I did manage to wean myself off the muscle relaxers, though, so there is hope! I'm down to two meds instead of three. I'm not giving up.

Am still hearing musical interludes throughout the day and night. More soothing stuff now; not the harsh 'cranked up so high my ears are about to bleed' type volume. I think the All and I have adjusted to each other magnificently. He lets me get sleep(as long as I don't get lazy!) and I keep my eyes and ears open as much as I can. He has woken me up out of a dead sleep a few times the past few weeks. Ugh. The
worst alarm clock EVER!! It's like he shoots your brain full of caffeine and doesn't let you get back to sleep. But apparently I had stuff which Had To Be Done That Day and He wasn't going to let me slouch on the job. I don't know. Maybe we argued about whether or not I should get out of bed in a dream and.. He had enough of my tantrum? *shrug* If that was the case then I'd kick me out of bed, too. I like my sleep. If given a chance I'd sleep 12 hours.

Much more hands-on type guidance now, whenever guidance is needed. Nothing subtle except for the musical serenades, which I adore.

Learning how to live in the now(mindfulness) without His constant hovering. Don't feel the hairy eyeball on the back of my neck anymore. I feel like it's a matter of trust. A definitive level of trust has been built between us and He's letting me feel the thrill of exploration on my own terms. I'd ask him for a graduation cake or .. something... but I think I'd get a sarcastic metaphysical smack on the back of the head.

I've been writing like a fiend on my gnostic blog(www.gnostic-unrest. and the articles keep falling from my finger tips. Just when I think I'm caught up I ask a new question and then five more are spawned from that one. I don't think my fingers can keep up with my brain at this point. I started keeping a notebook with all my random ideas because the connections kept getting lost so easily. I'd trip over a piece of information about the topic in some random off-hand way and then try to go back to my original query but I have only been successful about a quarter of the time.

Ugh. Ok. I'm tired now. Gotta go spend time with a cranky husband. The boys are over at their birthmom's and they didn't call him to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He's miffed, to say the least. Eh. We'll go watch a movie and relax and he'll be fine.

And if you are a father, Steve, I'd like to wish you a most beautiful belated Happy Father's Day.


PS. One of those annoying ideas I had in between two more yesterday was the timing of when Satan was named Satan in the Bible compared to the Gnostic's version which would be.. SOPHIA! ... and then my brain crapped out. I can't remember what the real point to it was. There was something....quirky about the timing and I can't recall what it was. Ya know, it might have had something to do with that vid I linked you to which the literalist Christians called gnostics Satanists. If you feel a helpful nudge be my guest. Because I lost it.

Brain crapped out- -forgot the point eh !
Its an intervention Angel, a nudge, Lay Gnosis  is completely natural, not a religious process. Hanging religious metaphors on this natural process supplies ammunition to Christian literalist critics that you mention, who are simply angry sleepwalkers, desperately trying to remain asleep.
That's why LG uses the modern scientific metaphor. Nobody objects to it.


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