Guardian Angels, What are they?
Surprise finding

50 % of people report from personal experience they have a Guardian Angel  But just what are they  really describing? It's actually occasional  gnosis, that second intelligence within them, breaking it's  usual silence. It can be made Permanent at   LAY GNOSIS


Literature advises Angels seldom physically manifest, remaining invisible mostly.
People who report these  "Angelic" interventions are semi gnostics. An outstanding feature is that they trust themselves, trust their own experience above all. This is very heartening.The article notes the large numbers of people (50%) who happily admit to hearing voices occasionally or when in dire straits. And notice in the Time Magazine article, surprise is expressed, that the experience crosses all social boundaries, implying it is completely natural. So it's not a religious event !
A list of evidence and signs  in an Angels book includes
Clairvoyance - Your Angels may speak to you in pictures or images.Angelic messages may come to you as snapshots, visible to your eyes or simply floating or flashing in your mind. Or, you might see minitature scenes as if from a movie. The images can be monchrome or full colour.Visual messages from Angels are sometimes symbolic, such as seeing a stop sign, indicating you should slow down or stop what you are doing. 
Clairsentience -Another way we receive Angelic guidance is through our emotions and physical sensations.This is "clear feeling". Clairsentients receive divine guidance through body sensations or through strong or subtle emotions.
Clairaudience hearing the voice of an Angel is called clairaudience. An Angelic voice may seem human  or it may sound different. The voice can emanate from within your body, within your mind or sound as if its outside your head. "When an Angel warned me my car was about to be stolen, his voice sounded as if he was talking through paper towel just outside my right ear"
"You know that guidance comes from Angels when it is loving, focused, consistent and not hurtful to anyone." Does that sound familiar Godlings?

These "signs of Angels" are  experienced daily by LAY GNOSTICS and they know that second intelligence within themselves is doing all of it. Plus physical indicators through the skin.
So the " Guardian Angel" metaphor useful though it is, prevents millions of people  from knowing what they really are. Knowing their true internal construction.
The book says many people  experiencing "Angels" want more of it and want it permanently. So also, does the  real SOURCE of all these little occasional signals. So How do we bring Layman's Gnosis to them ? To supply that "heaven within"  that they sense within themselves.
How does this website  get their attention?