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~Inner Traditions
4.6 out of 5 stars   (38)
5.0 out of 5 stars The undead house of skeptics just faded way, August 17, 2012
By  Steve Trueblue (Sydney)
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This review is from: Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics (Paperback)
Once upon a time there was a secular humanist who spent much time practising self worship as they always do. With the name of Paul Kurz he published Prometheus books which championed diverse sexual perversions, like pedophilia and zoophilia as a funtime that everyone should enjoy. But sales were not good, and in an extended session of self adoration, the secular humanist Paul Kurz decided it was the peasants many thought crimes, their superstitions, like pondering higher callings, morals, religion, holy books, God, the meaning of life, that were holding back the sales of his sexual perversion books. He hit upon the idea of an organisation, a public lobby group, to be called CSICOP, which could easily scientifically discredit dangerous superstitions, like astrology for example, which could set the peasants free from their intellectual blindness, on the path toward self righteous sexual perversionism, as a revolutionary new scientific Age of Reason , and his naughty book sales would skyrocket.

The first great battle, of his own choosing, on his own battle ground, with his own weapon of choice, statistics, he set out to utterly discredit astrology. It would be a cinch, he thought. But instead he suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of astrology ! Some french astrologer knew more about statistics than "scientific" Paul Kurz ! Mars effect was established for elite athletes. This is where Chris Carters book begins. Fall of the House of Skeptics. He records how it fell, seriously wounded in its first public battle and desperately tried to cover up this embarrassment. The book details how a whistleblower made public the criminal nature of the house of skeptics.
And that first major traumatic reversal caused these pseudoskeptic secular humanists to renounce real science as just too scary and spend the next 40 yrs simply making a propaganda war on all things intangible that the peasants subscribed to, that stopped them buying perversionism books.

Chris Carter then documents how CSICOP heaped derogatory rhetoric on particular PSI scientists for decades in a fashion that curiously resembles malicious stalking. Parapsychology is the only science that is faced with this self appointed vigilante opposition. Which has had, (LOL) the opposite effect on parapsychology. From Chris Carters excellent account, the skeptics rhetorical objections have all been incorporated into experimental safeguards and Telepathy is unambiguously proven. Chris Carter discusses the proof for telepathy and precognition in some depth, providing numerous references, from leading light scientists.

And the forever undead Susan Blackmore reveals her sad affliction- that she is beyond that critical dullness point so that she cannot perceive her own incompetence, like, apparently, all the others in the house of skeptics. Psychologists, academic bottom feeders, just cant do any other course at uni, their grades are too low. Even Richard Wiseman is revealed as not knowing maths and science, as his work is corrected by the remedial maths teacher Dean Radin so that even Wiseman unwittingly, and quite accidentally proves the existence of Telepathy.
Chris Carter also explains how telepathy and precognition actually fit in comfortably with modern science, entire chapters devoted to this. Useful reference book is this.

If you want to see overrall the House of Skeptics atrocious behaviour toward science and society generally, laid bare, read this book. The skeptics crashed badly in their first operation, went from bad to worse as the decades went by, have been left behind and utterly irrelevant by the scientific method, while the "superstitious" peasants happily carry on doing their usual telephone telepathy, and precognition, now scientifically proven. I thought Chris was just too polite and too kind describing the delinquent behaviour of pseudoskeptics. He is such a balanced presenter. Such a gentleman. Quite a few little unexpected gems I found in this delightful book. Like Charles Darwin having a strong interest in mediums. Thanks Chris, for a most enoyable read. Your book is a landmark work. kimbo99 on youtube.