John Allegro

Exodus 16 and Eziekiel 4:15 explain that Manna or Bread in the Old testament was a small round thing after the morning dew that turned to mush when the sun waxed hot and was prepared over cow dung. Jesus said he IS the Bread of Life. Every Sunday they mock the mushroom passing around grape juice and wafers or regular bread... The second coming is the knowledge of the entheogen mushroom from the Cow Field that has been forgotten. Oh yes, the psilocybin mushroom, the answer to "What Would Jesus Do?" But I disagree with John Allegro and James Arthur... I'm no scholar, but I had voices in my head like the other prophets so... enjoy :) mushroomjesus YT
Is this the Holy Grail ?
Origin of the odd Jesus phrase  "Eat my flesh and drink my blood "? incorporated into Christianity to accomodate
 hallucinogenic mushroom cultists ?