Acharya S

Archarya S is the pen Name of DM Murdoch and  is a popular author who writes  critical essays on religions based on her considerable knowledge of ancient languages, literature and comparative religious studies and archeology.

She provided some  material for the making of  the famous internet  video  Zeitgeist

She has a readership of intelligent, curious people. 
She circulates, via email, a fortnightly news letter, about her latest discoveries and radio programs.

Regardless of what we think of her demolishing religions, it is possible with only a simple Google account (gmail)  to make entries in her regular email news letter, on the comment fields, bottom of the page.

So you could simply subscribe to Archarya S,  get a gmail account and have a comment ready to paste into the fields at the  bottom of her newsletters, bringing attention  to LAY GNOSIS .
This is a way to reach the very people we are after.
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If you can just put your ancient books down for 30mins you can do something very worthwhile and it is FREE.

Or if you enjoy an evidence based treasure hunt
Or for the evidence based thinker

To bright people- For physical evidence of a second intelligence within yourself-Vivid Messaging Dreams commencment , plus repeatable handtingles- search YouTube on LAY GNOSIS 1 BEGIN HERE site   -  Regardless of beliefs -Even atheist testimonials, including doctors from 6 countries. 20 mins is all it takes,  Plenty of triggered 12 month gnostic veterans contactable. 


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