A notable source of quality gnosis information is Abraham-Hicks.
Bringing gnosis knowedge to mainstream media is an achievement most praiseworthy.
Hicks achieved this state of gnosis by the time honoured technique of meditation.
She became so highly attuned, she was able to experience the rare ultimate gnosis  outcome of  being able to 'call in' another intelligence, to directly speak through her mouth  to an audience.
This is not a common occurrence.
If the average person  meditates intensively for a long time, as instructed, you likely only come to experience  this channelled intelligence  as voice and image in your mind's eye. That is as far as it goes, for most.
Odd people seem 'chosen' to become spokespersons.Such as Hicks.

What the channelled  intelligence ultimately is, can be  food for thought.
Typically using  a nondescript name, Abraham,  an ingenious term, SOURCE , is used to refer to the second intelligence in everyone, so as not to provoke emotional derailment, of the audience thought process.

This mainstream media phenomenon, Abraham- Hicks is  time honoured, old fashion styled gnosis that has been Natural Law for millenia. 

Now, New Natural Law manifests as LAYMAN's GNOSIS, that is an enhanced form of gnosis. It has inclusions of  signalling into ones physicality, in two different ways, to utterly quench any doubts, as well as ensuring clarity of communication with the second intelligence in everyone.

Notably this modern LAYMAN's GNOSIS requires no effort whatsoever from the practicioner. No meditation. No study.  It does not interrupt today's busy lifestyle.
And it's FREE
The  second intelligence drip feeds into one's personal awareness after being triggered by this website.  
So if you have encountered Abraham-Hicks on the way to this site ,you came via a stepping stone, put there, for you. Welcome Home Godling.